Ayakashi triangle is one of the manga of Shueisha's flagship magazine Weekly Shonen Jump as well as a work by the author of To-Love Ru. As promised a few months ago, his original work will soon enjoy a television adaptation, due out in 2023.

Last September, a rumor revealed that Ayakashi Triangle's release date was set to a generic January 2023however, a new indiscretion has been leaked in the last few hours, accompanied by a promotional trailer that reveals the exact day of the debut of episode 1 of the anime: on January 9, 2023.

The clip also gives a taste of the technical side of the Studio Connect and the protagonists of the story. The plot, for those unfamiliar with the work in question, follows here thanks Star Comics Editions: "Exorcist ninja Matsuri Kazamaki and her childhood friend Suzu Kanade feel an apparent infatuation for each other that has never been explained, but if Matsuri is as adept in combat as he is shy and clumsy in matters of the heart, Suzu is instead more aware and determined . Too bad the buxom girl seems to be particularly appetizing for evil spirits called "Ayakashi" for some reason. To defend it from her clutches, Matsuri does not hesitate to even cross swords with her king, the wily cat demon Shirogane. Then a fight begins with completely unpredictable results. Will Matsuri be able to protect his beloved Suzu? And how will their relationship pan out, especially now that she's plucked up the courage and decided to come forward?"

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