The community has grown accustomed to the idea that serializing Hunter X Hunter it's never going to be regular again, at least not given Togashi's current state of health or the production rhythms of Weekly Shonen Jump. However, Sensei keeps working hard.

It's been a few weeks since the author returned to the weekly Shonen Magazine shueisha After a 4 year hiatus and just a few days ago he released Chapter 395 of Hunter x Hunter which stopped to tell the Ghost Brigade's past. However, the enormous amount of events and subplots within this saga suggest that the journey to the dark continent will be a long one Togashi just completed Chapter 400.

The message came directly from Master's social channels, the same attachment below, with an additional comment that follows: "The goal of working on my half-scanned manuscript turned out to be a huge failure as it requires me to spend even more time doing steps other than the drawings. I'm just trying to find the best solution."

As for you, however, what do you think of working on Hunter x Hunter at this pace? As usual, let us know with a comment below.

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