My Hero Academia: Bakugo’s family is rich.  The post is viral!

My hero academia He's spent a lot of time building the world, and the dedication shows it. Fans know the world in which Kohei Horikoshi's story takes place very well. From the school system to the economy, the Creator thought of everything down to the smallest detail.

On Reddit, user hoaxandtheshrine posted a picture of Bakugo's house and found that the boy and his family live in a very nice, modern and large house. Bakugo's father works in the design industry, and his wife seems to be part of that field. The Katsuki house makes us think that the family is fine.

The post got a lot of discussions and fans of My hero academia They tried to apply the same reasoning to Midoriya's house as well. At that moment, the fans realized how our beloved protagonist has grown. Inko lives in a very cheap apartment, nothing compared to the house Bakugo grew up in.

It is strange to put our heroes in pocket accounts, but we know that Pro Heroes get paid well when their rank is high. Ochaco said he wanted to use his quirks to help his parents solve their financial problems. In addition to Bakugos, for example, there are other wealthy families in My Hero Academia Ida, Todoroki is Yaoyorozu.

While we are impatiently waiting for the arrival of the new chapter of My Hero Academia, the author of My Hero Academia announces something new.

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