Tower of God: Let’s return to the divine tower with this Rachel cosplay

Crunchyroll has decided to break the Japanese dominance in the world of animation and again presents an anime, but based on a story of South Korea. Tower of god It is a very famous Manhwa at home indeed and has become famous in the rest of the world thanks to the Webtoon application.

Based on this story, Crunchyroll started making Manhwa-based anime with the SiU comic. Tower of God liked it, which thanks to its plot and character made it a successful product, albeit not without its flaws, of course.

The action revolves around Bam and his entry into the tower for Go find Rachel, the girl who saved him a long time ago and who went straight to mysterious creation. Rachel will turn out to be a character at the center of certain events in the first season of Tower of God.

An Alexa Sky set has arrived to testify to the character's popularity. The girl posted several photos on her Instagram account showing hers Rachel Cosplay, with a touch of the spoiler scene for those who haven't finished watching the first 13 episodes of the anime.

Did you like this cosplay? In the meantime, fans are waiting for the second season of Tower of God.

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This is the story of Rachel, a girl who climbed to the top of the tower to see the stars. ⭐. . . Wig @apsanil_fashion. . . . Credits for the fanart artist. . . . . . #rachel #rachelcosplay #towerofgod #towerofgodcosplay #cosplay #khunagueroagnes

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(SPOILER IN SECOND PICTURE) Rachel from the Tower of God 💛. . . Wig @apsanil_fashion. . . . Credits for the fanart artist. . . . . . #rachel #rachelcosplay #towerofgod #towerofgodcosplay #cosplay #khunagueroagnes

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