One of the key combat scenarios of the final war between heroes and villains takes a bad turn. Tomura Shigaraki, he managed to bend his opponents and make fun of them. Bakguo and the others are on the brink of defeat My Hero Academia Chapter 359.

Shoto's win over Dabi and Endeavor's apparent win over All For One fooled the hero faction. On another front the situation is desperate and in My Hero Academia 359, a young hero is in great danger.

Determined to end the fight once and for all, Katsuki Bakugo threw himself at Tomura Shigaraki unfolds its full potential. Not even that bothered the heir to All For One, who is debuting another of his ridiculous monologues at this point.

At first it looked like Bakugo was in the cravings of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, but the latter is now revealing a bitter truth. Kacchan, it was never in his best interest. He is alone the bait that puts Deku and One For All in the hands of the villains.

As Midoriya's best friend, Bakugo is considered one simple farmer for a much greater purpose. Shigaraki and All For One don't care about Dynamight's strength or ideals, just their bond with Deku. This is the biggest wound Bakugo suffers in My Hero Academia 359, a moral damage far worse than physical.

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