After a long hiatus of three months, Black Clover finally returns with the release of Chapter 332. He is waiting for Yuki Tabata to release the new chapter of his work, the first Lick the last story arc. Here's a preview of what's about to happen!

Black Clover will continue with the release of Chapter 332 on July 31st in issue 35 of the year of Weekly Shonen Jump. The 34th volume of Shueisha's magazine awaits the reader with some valuable information. In the meantime, we stayed here with Black Clover.

When three months have passed for the readers, a year has passed for Asta and the other protagonists. In fact, it appears that between chapters 331 and 332 there will be one Time jump that takes us 365 days ahead. So in the next few pages we find an adult auction that is now 18 years old. The community is already wondering what results they have achieved after training during this time. The various companies of the Magic Knights of Clover are said to have welcomed each other new recruitssince the entrance exams are taken once a year.

The Japanese magazine then provides another clue. there The final saga of the manga has a name, "Black Clover Final Arc: Who Will Become the Strongest Magic Emperor". The image accompanying this tagline is of Asta, but it has been stated that what we are seeing is not the design of the post-time skip characters.

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