Each character in My hero academy only has one flaw. This manifests itself completely randomly around the age of three and very often stems from the fad of one of the parents, or from the merging of the same. In some special cases, the child has an entirely new and unique quirk. However, there is only one quirk per person.

However, the presence of All for One, capable of transferring the various quirks from one person to another, has changed this paradigm, which has long been a founding element in the My Hero Academia company. The heroes had to face characters who had not just one, but two or three powers at their disposal, if not more.

Spinner did not fall into this category, one of the League of Villain's most shadowy members and who seems to have had some form of redemption of late. Tasked by All for One to lead the Paranormal Liberation Front, he made a surprise reappearance in My Hero Academia 353. In fact, in a cartoon depicting it, we see a giant weirdo. But how is that possible?

The explanation was perhaps explained only a few pages later: Spinner is with All for One and he seems very jealous of Dabi and speaks of a power that the gecko did not have. Given the hand of the super villain, that's very likely Spinner got new quirks from his master and this would cause the transformation of his body.

So no longer just the gecko quirk, but a new arsenal of attacks that might give the heroes of My Hero Academia some headaches that face it.

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