Hiro Mashima posted fairy tale for many years. It has lasted a decade since its release, during which the mangaka has presented many characters and related them to each other, sometimes through hate relationships, sometimes through friendship. But even though he's a shonen, there's a bit of love and romance in between.

The most obvious is that of the rain sorceress Juvia, who has always been in love with Grey. But in Fairy Tail, another couple also emerged within the guild, which seemed really unthinkable in the early stages of the story. In fact, everyone will remember the first raids by Gajeel, the Iron Dragon Slayer, who was originally an enemy of the Fairy Tail wizards and attacked Levy and his friends.

Over the years, this moment has been forgotten and Gajeel and Levy were obviously together. On the other hand, it is one of the mangaka's favorite couples since Hiro Mashima imagined the two of them traveling alone. Now he's back directly with this couple, presenting on his Twitter account a color image with Gajeel and Levy together. He holds her while she spells the word "Love," making their relationship even more obvious.

A lovely way to commemorate one of Fairy Tail's established couples.

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