In the latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's work, All For One finally has a power in hand that could give him the chance to conquer the world and seal his final victory. Here's what strategy the bad lord of might implement My hero academy.

In Chapter 330, the expected battle begins between Tomura Shigaraki, who has just woken up from a coma, and Star and Stripe, the number one American heroine who wants to save Japanese society.

As they fight in the skies of Japan Tomura and Star and Stripe they show how terrifyingly powerful they are. If the former has awakened a dormant force, the latter reveals for the first time its quirk, the New order. Thanks to this uniqueness, the international heroine can rewrite the laws of any destination. A power that, as revealed before, is true The goal of All For One.

As we see in the course of My Hero Academia 330, Star and Stripe manages to purify the air around Shigaraki, suffocate him, hold back a laser beam or impose a rule that paralyzes the archenemy. However, the New Order has a limit: it can be used exclusively on two destinations, and one of them is the heroine's body, thanks to which it achieves the strength and power of her myth All Might.

If All For One should be successful steal a power of this magnitude, victory would go straight into his hands. By applying the rules of the New Order, the villain king could in no time take possession of his student's body and eventually steal the coveted One For All. We leave you to the theories about My Hero Academia 331, which will arrive after a week's break.

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