In anticipation of Super Hero, a feature film that will revolutionize the franchise with 3DCG graphics and a slice-of-life approach, God Like Studio paid tribute to the undisputed protagonist of the latest film from Dragonball Super. Contemplate the immense power of Broly in this collectible statue.

The protagonist of the Z-series films The Super Saiyan of Legend, Challenge to the Legend and The Irreducible Bio-Fighter, Broly is finite Become canon 2018 with the launch of Dragon Ball Super: Broly in Japanese cinemas. However, unlike the non-canon one of the 90s, this new version is actually good and becomes one at the end of the movie Ally of the Z warriors.

Among the characters most popular with the public for his madness and fighting power, given him back to superhero, where he will train with Goku on Beerus' Planet, Broly was honored by character producer God Like Studio.

This magnificent collector's statue will hit the market in the second quarter of 2022 al Price of 495 euros. However, to make sure that you can take it home with you, it is already possible to book it with an advance of 150 euros.

A whopping 46 inches high in Scale 1: 6, the figure is enriched by LEDs that are present in the energy sphere of the Super Saiyan of the legend. And you, what do you think of this great piece? Would you like it in your collection?

We leave you to the possible role of Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the samurai of the legend of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

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