With continuous training over the months, Izuku Midoriya has strengthened. This allowed his body wear the one for all more, the power given to All Might at the beginning of My Hero Academia that seemed uncontrollable in the opening bars. Gradually, however, Deku progressed and unlocked more quirks.

Inside the One for All there were actually other quirks. With My Hero Academia 368 we have also seen the use of the last quirk that has remained unknown until now. Now that we know that too, let's recap all Deku Quirks hidden in One for All.

  • From Yoichi Shigaraki, the first owner and brothers of All for One, comes the transmittable quirk, the One for All;
  • The second owner has Transmission, the quirk that can shift gears;
  • That The third owner transmitted the Fa to Jinable to conserve kinetic energy and release it at will in coordination with the Power of One for All;
  • The fourth owner Hikage Shinomori has given Deku the danger sense, a kind of spider sense;
  • Daigoro Banjo, fifth owner, brought the famous black whip;
  • En instead brought in Smokescreen, which creates walls of smoke for distractions;
  • Nana Shimura instead has the Float, the quirk that allows the seventh wielder to give Deku the ability to levitate in the air;
  • Finally, the eighth owner was Yagi Toshinori, who was flawless and therefore able to greatly improve the One for All and then pass it on to Deku in an improved version.

A succession of quirks that They will help Deku a lot in the final fight against Shigaraki.

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