Episode 960 of ONE PIECE Finally, the legend of Kozuki Oden was introduced, which took viewers to a bygone era of the land of Wa and finally began the third act of this long narrative arc that will prove to be fundamental from a narrative point of view and for the details of a other legendary character, Gol D. Roger.

Although the samurai had appeared in a brief episode of previous episodes, it wasn't until this final episode that he made his debut and immediately showed it off his exuberant character and impressive fighting skills. Oden's story takes place roughly 28 years before Luffy's adventures begin and focuses on the encounters that profoundly influenced and made Kuri's daimyo the man to whom the Nine Red Sheaths have promised eternal loyalty.

His free and curious nature has led him to come into conflict several times Nature conservation and traditionalist mentality that permeates the country of Wanoand after numerous minor disasters, Oden took the opportunity to leave the country by becoming part of the Whitebeard Pirates, thanks to whom he will see the future and now only King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. As you can see in the video reported in the post at the bottom of the page, Oden's introduction was funThis underscores his incredible ability to create confusion anywhere.

Keep in mind that Nico Robin received a great cosplay, and we'll leave the first details to Chapter 1003 for you.

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