In Japan, in that of My hero academy, the situation is desperate. Society is collapsing, the Front of Heroes is fighting a criminal organization that is stronger than ever after the recent turmoil. The spontaneous question arises: Why don't heroes from all over the world come to help?

Meanwhile, Deku is fighting his toughest fight to date All for one he prepares his plans while waiting to get his hands on Midoriya's quirk. After escaping prison and releasing the worst criminals from all Japanese prisons, the government has launched a series of procedures to request reinforcements and compensate for the loss of numerous heroes who died or retired in the previous battle.

However, this action was slowed down by the collapse of the company when the security commission was closed and unable to fill in all the papers for the arrival of foreign heroes. In any case, the situation seems to have finally resolved itself in the final chapters thanks to Endeavor, who revealed how reinforcements from around the world were about to arrive.

We will therefore have the opportunity to admire all the strongest heroes in circulation at close range, so we just have to wait for the showdown until one new battle between heroes and villains which promises strikingly. And you, on the other hand, what do you expect from foreign heroes? Let us know with a comment below.

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