The sixth season of My Hero Academia, which will air with two back-to-back courses starting in the fall 2022 program, will close its doors with the airing of the next episode. But What will happen in the 25th episode of My Hero Academia 6? Let's find out with the thumbnails.

The Dark Hero Saga will end by speaking ends with Season 6 of My Hero Academia. Deku was saved from the abyss where he landed due to his power thanks to the intervention of his friends and Uravity managed to solve the civil crisis in My Hero Academia 6x24. Before the end, however, viewers will witness a promise and a confrontation.

At the end of Episode 24 of Season 6, Toshinori Yagi got into his car to convince even the last of the dissidents to trust the heroes once more. The former hero comes across the statue of the symbol of peace, defaced by some vandals. Toshinori will therefore realize that he is a symbol of the past and can no longer help anyone. However, All Might is followed by the Hero Killer Stain.

In the Yuei Aspiring Heroes dormitory, i Classmates 1-A will make a promise to each other. Midoriya, Bakugo and everyone else are determined to take back everything the villains stole from them. Your goal is to save the Hero Society and put smiles back on their faces. In the meantime, here are the first details about My Hero Academia 7.

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