The end of the war of My hero academy has thrown the Hero Society into chaos. With the prison escape organized by All For One, the streets of the cities have been invaded by thousands of criminals and the few forces at the heroes' disposal are not enough to stop them all.

The Society of Heroes finds itself in a delicate situation. Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist failed to stop the Supernatural Liberation Front and protect innocent civilians. These are the allegations that the population raises against them. With the mistrust of heroes growsthe citizens decide to protect the streets themselves.

As the three top heroes join forces, Deku has decided to move alone and left their classmates. However, in My Hero Academia 6x20, he was attacked by an assassin hired by All For One. Lady Nagant targets Midoriyaa former hero who has a reputation for being the best sniper in all of Japan.

In the In the 21st episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, the conflict between Deku and Lady Nagant is resolved, but not before discovering this character's story and understanding the reasons that led her to leave the company of heroes. Lady Nagant manages to keep enemies at bay from afar, so to resolve this fight, Izuku needs to get in close and take them out in a melee. Here is artwork from the creator of My Hero Academia celebrating Lady Nagant.

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