Izuku Midoriya faces the darkest time of his life. To have understood the terrible responsibility that in fact the protagonist of was inherited along with the One For All My Hero Academy He decided to break away from his teammates and mentors and face the villains alone, facing one of All For One's best submissions.

The crescendo that takes viewers to the final war between heroes and villains has presented Deku with very complicated situations, including encountering Lady Nagant, professional shooter, with an incredible quirk. Determined to put an end to this new threat in the shortest possible time, the protagonist immediately shows off some of his best moves and exploits the powers of the OFA's previous owners, as shown in the clips shared by fans on social media, of which you can find some examples below .

Considering the overall quality of the animations and the sequences shown throughout the episode, Episode 6x21 was also due to the importance it will have in this narrative arc Hailed as one of the best of all animated transposition from Bones Studio. This is a great result achieved by the incredible animation team put together by Bones led by Bones Yutaka Nakamuraand founded by Yukina Kosaka, Jason Yao, Haruka Ida and many other very talented artists.

Were you impressed with the production quality with which the Deku vs Lady Nagant clash was reimagined? Tell us in the comments. Finally we remind you that Deku has mastered a new quirk and we leave you the minigame published by Shonen Jump for the release of volume 37 of the series.

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