After the war, chaos reigns in the society of heroes, and in My Hero Academia 6x14, the pros face the aftermath of the battle against the Liberation Front of the Supernatural. However, while the heroes continue their rescue operations in the cities, ie Villains are already planning a new attack.

After taking control of Tomura Shigaraki's body thanks to the Quirks' genetic factor, All For One was able to flee the battlefield and set his next turn in motion. While the heroes are busy clearing the rubble of cities and rescuing injured civilians, the Demon King plans to free his main body. It's back to combat in My Hero Academia 6x15.

The true All For One is located in the maximum security prison called Tartarus, an inaccessible place that enjoys the best defense technologies. Shigaraki's body has not yet recovered from the battle as the regeneration factor struggles to reactivate, but accompanied by Near High-End he sets out to storm the facility despite Tomura's attempts to rebel and take control of himself to win back.

The Demon King is in the depths of Tartarus, 500 meters below sea level, and in order to save him it is absolutely necessary to evacuate all prisoners. To override the prison's defense systems, Shigaraki uses one of All For One's numerous Quirks, which acts as an EMP of sorts. In their minds, the prisoners wreak havoc on the facility. All For One is free and reunited with Tomura Shigarakiwhose body needs rest.

The news came two days later. A total of 6 prisons across Japan were stormed. Many dangerous prisoners are free again and a popular uprising is also underway. It's a terrifying situation for the heroes as the best are still in the hospital. Among these, Deku, who is in a coma, faces the direst of consequences.

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