The clash between Mugiwara and Tobiroppo shows no signs of abating, even as the alliance is involved ONE PIECE attempting to reclaim the land of Wano from Kaido's rule is still far from victory. In fact, there are still two major obstacles that are currently insurmountable, Big Mom and the Captain of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts.

In ONE PIECE 1046, Zoro returned to fight after a long hospital stay. Along with his rival Sanji, the former bounty hunter is tasked with defeating the relentless duo formed by King and queen.

I'm looking forward to witnessing this hellish battle between four authentic monsters thatEpisode 1047 of ONE PIECE gives viewers a glimpse of the events unfolding on the different levels of Onigashima Castle.

Franky and Nico Robin managed to defeat Sasaki and Black Maria. However, the enemies keep arriving and the trio of Pirates of Hearts, consisting of Bepo, Penugin and Shachi, rush to the Mugiwara cyborg's aid. The exhausted archaeologist is taken into Brooks custody.

Somewhere else, Nami and Otama continue their escape leave usop behind. Surrounded by enemies, the Mugiwara sniper is saved by Haki, Big Mom's conqueror, who is facing Law and Kidd a little further away.

On the other levels of the castle, the Duke Canistrice confronts Jack to avenge what happened to Zouwhile the Great Cat Viper intends Avenge Pedro's death defeat Perospero. Both of the two mink leaders transform into Sulong by observing the full moon.

Accepting the request in ONE PIECE 1044, Shinobu turned Momonosuke into an adult. Oden's son transformed into a 28-year-old adult who can now transform into a powerful peachy dragon that can fly. Luffy and Momonosuke are ready to return to Onigashima to rescue Yamato, who is facing his father Kaido on the castle roof. With the release of ONE PIECE 1048, a new terrible battle will break out.

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