My Hero Academia Season 6's war is heading in the worst possible direction for the heroes, who, one step away from being overwhelmed, also resort to the students of Yuei High School. Will aspiring Tier 1-A and 1-B heroes be able to excel in battle, or will the villains crush them like gnats?

To try to stop the escape of Gigantomachia who is trying to reunite with his master, Midnight is killed by the thugs of the Paranormal Liberation Front in My Hero Academia 6x07. Before he dies, however, he entrusts the plan he had devised to his students. Creatie is tasked with putting Machia to sleep with some narcotic she made.

Determined to carry out the will of their teacher, Yuei disciples work together with their quirks to prepare a trap while they await the passage of the colossal villain. The plan devised by Yaoyorozu appears to be working, and Gigantomachia falls to its knees. However, when the villain decides to obliterate the ants that are preventing him from walking, and also to free himself from the grip worn by Mount Lady from My Hero Academia 6x07, failure is at hand. And so Red Riot who, with great courage, manages to trick Gigantomachia into taking an anesthetic orally.

At the same time, Jaku tries to stop Tomura Shigaraki's madness. Despite the combined efforts of Deku, Gran Torino badly injured in the leg, Ryukyu, and Endeavor, the villain manages to direct one of the two Projectiles created by Overhaul towards Eraserheadthe only one who prevented his rise.

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