Spy x Family's second cour is establishing itself as one of the most-watched anime of the season, despite the big names it faces. After funny episodes and this time focused purely on the mascot Anya Twilight must defend her family's everyday life.

In Spy x Family 1x20, Anya accompanied her father Loid to work to do a school research. That's how we got to know it better Loid's undercover work and why he chose the profession of psychiatrist. We were also introduced to a new protagonist, fionaan employee of the General Hospital Berlint who is actually a secret agent of WISE.

In which Spy x Family Episode 21 trailer preview We see Fiona with a dark and menacing look. His target seems to be poor Yor, but why does he hate his colleague's wrong wife so much? The counterfeiters' daily lives are in jeopardy.

Fiona seems addicted to Twilight and will try very hard replaces Yor as the mother of the Forger family. With her, Operation Strix could progress faster. But Yor will not be defeated without a fight. Spy x Family Episode 21 will debut as a simulcast stream on Crunchyroll on November 26th.

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