In the first episodes of the sixth season of My Hero Academy We saw a lot of fight scenes. The war between heroes and villains rages on after a frontal attack by the former, spurred on by intel from infiltrator Hawks. However, he had not come to terms with Shigaraki, who was successful in his intention to empower himself.

In My Hero Academia 6x07, only Midoriya's intervention allowed the rescue of erasers from the anger of Shigaraki. The boss of the villains seems to have become too powerful a being for the heroes who haven't seen anything yet: the bearer of the All for One also comes to the rescue gigantomachy.

First up was the task of stopping the giant Shigaraki puppet Midnight and Mountain Lady, which failed. However, Midnight managed to communicate with her Yaoyorozuand asks the young girl to put Gigantomachia to sleep as it seems the only way to stop the powerful villain.

The young Momo then begins to produce large bottles of sleeping pills from her body, which she distributes to her companions yuei in the forest where they are. Yaoyorozu then seems to have come up with a plan in the finale My Hero Academy 6x07will it be effective against the gigantic incoming threat?

The My Hero Academia 6x08 trailer showed some moments of the fight between the young people Heroes of Yuei and Gigantomachy, which will certainly be the focus of the new episode. Who will win?

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