The Fall 2022 schedule led to the anticipated debut of My hero academia season 6, new appointment with Studio BONES' anime adaptation in which the Pro Heroes face a heated confrontation with the Supernatural Liberation Front. Let's find out what will happen in the next episode!

The battle of the three heroes and villains of My Hero Academia 6 began with Endeavor making the first move. The heroes, which included the students of the best academies in the country, were divided into two contingents, one of which was sent to Mount Gunga, the place where the Shigaraki Front hideout is located, and one led by Edgeshot the other from the Flammenheld at theJaku Hospitalwhere dr Garaki conducts his dark experiments.

Endeavor is at the forefront of the invasion, but Garaki's capture is only an illusion. The one who got arrested by hero number one was just a copy made by Twice. The doctor is actually alive and well in the depths of the hospital. Mirko is given the task of going ahead of everyone and storm the morgue where the crazy brilliant villain is hiding.

In My Hero Academia 6x02 it's Mirko's turn with the rabbit heroine who, as we can see from the PV trailer at the end of the article, will find herself alone against a group of high-end Nomu. Meanwhile, Endeavor and the others left behind face off against other dangerous Nomu.

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