in the second cour of season 6 of My Hero Academia Viewers will witness the terrible consequences that the war against villains has left in the company of heroes. No one could replace the All Might character and the populace has lost faith in the heroes who were supposed to protect them.

The current Top Two Pro Heroes From Hero Billboard Chart JP are considered the main culprits for the defeat suffered in the paranormal war of liberation. This happened because of the revelation in Dabi's world vision. The blue flamed villain has indeed destroyed the forms of Endeavor and Hawks by shedding light on their dark and hidden past.

Endeavor is the father of Dabi himself, an abusive parent who caused his family's downfall while chasing an impossible dream. Hawks, on the other hand, does Son of a criminal couple and in the war he was guilty of the murders of Best Jeanist who is actually alive and Jin Bubaigawara.

Hawks is the protagonist of My Hero Academia 6x16. During the episode in question we discover the difficult past experienced by little Keigo Takami and celebrate the broadcast Kohei Horikoshi dedicated an unpublished skit to the Quirk's owner: Ali Possenti. In the illustration at the end of the article, we can see Hawks struggling with a smile broken by the effects of war. Like him, Endeavor faces a mental breakdown in My Hero Academia 6x16.

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