The Endeavor Agency Arc is coming to an end, as are the internships of Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo. Will the three young aspiring heroes succeed in winning the bet they made with their current teacher and number one hero? Let’s go to the discovery of the events ofEpisode 106 of My Hero Academia.

Recently arrived on Crunchyroll, currently only for users who have a premium subscription, My Hero Academia 5×18 will be available soon close the events of the Endeavor Agency Arc. This episode is therefore the last chance for the Three Musketeers to prove their worth.

At the end of dinner in the Todoroki house where the Shoto’s family problems, Endeavor’s driver brings the three heroes back to their agency where they live. However, a criminal roaming undisturbed causes panic on the streets.

Ending, the name of the new villain from My Hero Academia, is an old friend of Endeavor. Released from prison, the criminal goes in search of the flame hero in search of more than just an autograph. Tried to get their attention takes Natsu hostagewho left the house before the family dinner was over.

Endeavor hesitates, shocked by the events and fear of the fate of his son. On the contrary, his three apprentices immediately launched the attack and thus made it up for the first time anticipate the moves of the number one hero. The bet was won by the Three Musketeers Class 1-A of UA High School.

We remind you that episode 107 of the animated adaptation won’t air in a week as usual. To leave more space for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Episode broadcast is postponed until 08/14

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