The end of the word is also used for the animated transposition of theAttack of the giants with the second and final part of the fourth season, which was created by the MAPPA studio. While many fans are wondering how the ending is portrayed in the anime, the unboxing video of a prestigious collector's statue has gone viral.

The short clip you can find below was shared on TikTok by, and in just over 40 seconds the user was about to open the packaging of one of the most sought-after collectibles by fans of the series. It's about the splendid Statue by Figurama Collectors in limited edition of 850 pieces, which depicts the iconic clash between Eren Jaeger and Reiner Braun, who transforms into the Attack Giant or Armored Giant and can be seen in the third season of the anime.

The statue appears extremely detailedAs can be seen from the number of items in the package, between the fog that covers the battlefield of the two giants to the destroyed roofs of the surrounding houses and in the presence of a small figure from Mikasa, ready to launch an attack on the back of Reiner's head. An extraordinary product, with a height of about 60 centimeters, a total weight between the solid base and the characters of 25 kilograms, is being sold too 1410 dollars.

Remember that the alternate ending Shingeki no Requiem will be an anime and we'll leave you to a faithful cosplay dedicated to the giant jaw.


Unbox is Attack on Titan x Figurama (Limited 850) $ 1,410


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