A few moments ago, the official Twitter profile of My hero academia released the second season 5 poster with a preview of the Character design of all 1-B studentsand wear their heroic costumes. Shueisha also posted a second picture with the students reminding fans of their names and their respective quirks.

Last week, My Hero Academia Studio released the first season five key visual that featured some of 1-A's most iconic aspiring heroes. As expected in the first official trailer, The rivalry between the two classes will ignite even more in the first story arc of the new season, in which the events in volumes 21, 22 and 23 of the manga are implemented.

At the same time as the new images were published, this was also unofficially confirmed The new trailer for the anime will be released this month, even if no date is available yet. The new preview should also include information about the opening and closing themes of the new season.

My Hero Academia 5 will again consist of two cours and adapt as many narrative arcs. The first will be that Joint training sheet (Joint Training Saga), while the latter will mainly focus on the antagonists and ironically nicknamed it by fans My villain Academia, same name of one of the chapters of volume 23. The date for the new season of the anime is set for March 27, 2021.

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