During the Joint Training Arc, both Class 1-A and Class 1-B aspiring Heroes will showcase the incredible strides they have made since entering Yuei High. In the new episode of My Hero Academia Season 5 It is the Tenya Iida class leader to put himself in the spotlight. Let's find out why.

With one win eachjoint training Between the two sections of the Primini, he reached the third round, a fight involving Shoto, Iida, Ojiro and Shoji for Class 1-A. In the battle that began in the previous episode, the aspiring heroes had fallen into the trap of Class 1-B, led by Tetsutetsu, who breathed life into a ferocious assault.

The Class leader Iida He will absolutely not allow his comrades to surrender or be defeated. On the advice of her older brother, the Hero Ingenium, who fell victim to Stain, Iida painfully removed the discharges in her legs. While training without them, new engines appeared on his calves: Iida used the turbo in My Hero Academia 5.

By further developing his Quirk, the class leader created a new technique, the Recipro TurboAs you can see in the video at the end of the article, it can drive at maximum speed for ten minutes. During this time, Iida has an unprecedented speed that makes it unattainable for any other participant in the third round. What do you think of this crazy ability?

In the new episode of My Hero Academia, Todoroki has also unleashed all his strength. The eighth episode of My Hero Academia has arrived on Crunchyroll.

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