One of the most popular protagonists of My hero academia He is Professor Aizawa, a silent but deadly hero who can destroy the powers of others. But are you sure you know everything about its quirks? Here are 5 secrets you may not know

To use your own quirk, Aizawa must keep eye contact with his goal. This means that the blinking could allow the enemy to escape. It is precisely for this reason that Eraserhead usually only opens one eye to neutralize the opponent's powers, allowing them to easily switch eyes and blink.

Yuei High School Class 1-A teacher is able Block the forces of several opponents at the same time. To undo the quirks, all he has to do is look at part of his rivals' bodies, but one of his biggest problems is his field of vision. The further away an enemy is, the easier it is for Aizawa to lose eye contact.

As shown in the spin-off manga Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals, Eraserhead's Quirk is also effective behind stained glass or transparent plastic. This means Aizawa can remotely cancel Quirk like a sniper through binoculars.

The waiver of powers It has a limit, however, the professor's chronic dry eye. Excessive use of his power has caused Aizawa to use eye drops on a large scale and shorten the time in which he can activate them. In addition, physical skills such as the Nomu cannot be erased.

Activate the quirk leads an unexpected side effect in Aizawa. Whenever the professor uses his strength, his eyes glow red and his hair begins to float. A smart adversary could use this factor to predict Eraserhead's intentions and hide in time. A representative has released new updates to My Hero Academia 5. While we are waiting for the new cartoon series, we can enjoy this cosplay from My Hero Academia Camie.

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