Jojo’s bizarre adventure is a unique work in today’s vast manga and anime landscape. In the 35 years of its publication, Hirohiko Araki’s style, and consequently the series itself, has undergone numerous changes, and in a video message addressed to fans, the same mangaka wanted to retrace this incredible evolution.

During the panel dedicated to the series that revealed the release date of the next episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean on Netflix, The author intervened with a short video messageavailable below, where he not only showed off a new artwork dedicated to Jolyne Kujo and her booth, Stone Free, but also talked about how the protagonists have changed as the Joestar generations have progressed.

“The animated adaptation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure turns 10 this year. Are also 35 years writing and drawing manga. The protagonists of the first parts have met again in the following ones, they all come from the same family and from one line. The first protagonist, the hero of the first part (Jonathan), had a muscular physique, and gradually, until the fifth part with Giorno, we saw a thinner man, more realistic and close to a real model.”

Araki then spoke specifically about Jolyne’s adventure and then saluted the Fa: “In the sixth part, of course, the hero is a young woman. I wanted it to be strong. Now when I look back over the past few years, The heroes and the world I drew them in were constantly changing. That could be one of the strengths of the series, at least that’s how I see it. I hope people will continue to watch, read and follow Jojo. Last but not least, I wish everyone the best.”

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