Great protagonist of the first round of the Joint Training Arc of My Hero Academia Season 5, a battle in which he distinguished himself by his renewed maturity and great control over his power, is Denki Kaminari, the owner of one of the most interesting quirks of the Class 1A squad. Let’s find out its secrets!

Kaminari, known as Stung Gun Hero Hero: Chargebolt, owns the Bizarre “electrification”, a uniqueness that allows the electricity stored in the body to be discharged. While studying at UA High School, the blonde hero gradually learned to control his power, which makes him much more reliable and useful.

Although Kaminari doesn’t have full control over electrification yet, he can lead to the attack area Regulation of the amount of electricity transferred. At close range, he can cover his whole body with electricity to electrocute anyone who tries to attack him in close combat.

From a distance, however, it can emit large discharges that can electrocute entire combat zones. However, this step is taboo in the presence of comrades. To fix this bug, Kaminari is now using Support tools which enable him to fire small but precise electric bullets.

One trait that made him the protagonist of some memes is the consequence ofexcessive use of his quirk. When Denki reaches its maximum tension, it overloads. The result is that the brain fails completely, leaving it in a state of idiocy for a long time. However, through hard training, Kaminari has managed to expand the range of his energy consumption.

Kaminari can not only discharge electricity, but alsosave it. As a result, it is able to absorb any attack related to electricity. A skill that will prove to be fundamental to the development of character.

Not all of them have Kaminari’s recordings the same tension. For example, if Kaminari is fighting against robots or non-living opponents, he can use his full power. Otherwise, in order not to electrocute and kill his rivals, he must carefully control the intensity of the electrical discharges introduced. This feature makes Kaminari one of the deadliest characters in the series.

The little-known peculiarity of Denkis Macke is the ability to use energy as a means of communication with his companions. By directing his electricity into the headset he wears as part of his hero costume, the student can Kidnap radio waves, even the enemy ones, and deliver any message you want to get through through them.

What do you think of his growth and skills? Master Tite Kubo, author of Bleach, paid homage to Kaminari in this My Hero Academia sketch. For the community, Kaminari is one of the biggest suspects for the role of the traitor from My Hero Academia.

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