The long-awaited saga dedicated to the villain of. is dedicated My hero academy it started with an unexpected threat to Shigaraki. This time it is not a Hero Society plan, but another criminal organization that appears to be better prepared in all respects than the Union of Villains, dubbed the Superpowers' Liberation Army.

Lured to Deika City, Shigaraki and his allies face the Re-Destro, Army leader who intends to oust the Union of Villain, thereby preventing young Tomura from becoming the true heir of All For One. Of course, Shigaraki already has a plan in mind to counter the threat posed by Re-Destro, despite the fact that he has a real army of men at his service.

Recognized as the supreme leader of the army, Re-Destro seeks to fulfill the dream started by his father, with the main aim of destroying today's society and then rebuilding it according to one basic principle: the freedom of everyone to get the most out of their quirks and abilities. Over the years the organization has built a network of very important relationships and contacts in a variety of fields, with members holding illustrious positions in publishing, politics and even the Hero Society.

Currently the army consists of 116,516 members, between women and men who are present throughout the Japanese territory and ready to reveal their intentions in carrying out their revolt. However, in order to have the greatest possible effect on the population they must first destroy the schemes of the Rogue Union and Shigarakis.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the 5x20 episode showed us the tortured past of Shigaraki and we leave you to a perfect cosplay dedicated to the cute Uraraka.

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