Not just action thatFinal Act of My Hero Academia gives the readers a lot of emotions. Indeed, while the clashes are in full swing, Kohei Horikoshi highlights the strong bonds between some of the characters.

If in My Hero Academia 380 La Brava manages to change the future of Gentle Criminal, then in the next chapter of work deep bond developed between a master and his disciple.

Throughout the story we have seen All Might promising to defend Midoriya or Best Jeanist mourning the death of Bakugo. But there is one more student-mentor relationship what inspires readers.

While hawks is only in his early twenties but has already found a young hero to entrust with his legacy. Obviously this is Fumikage Tokoyamiwith whom he already developed a strong bond during his internship.

Thanks to the Hawks gauges, Tokoyami was able to better control his Quirk and increase affinity and level of interaction with Dark Shadow. If the student first learned to fly thanks to his monstrous shadow, in My Hero Academia Chapter 381 he even succeeds in finding a method to do so Fight All For One up close. And what do you think, will Tokoyami really replace Hawks as the best winged hero of all time?

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