The situation turned dire for the heroes within a few hours. Deku and company had to watch the return of All for One, the manifestation of Kurogiri's personality, and finally theArrival of a Twice army able to subvert the current order. However, the return of some villains in My Hero Academia gives hope.

Gentle at first and then, Lady Nagant supports Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes who are in the Yuei's flying fortress and are being tested by Tomura Shigaraki's attacks. While Gentle and La Brava took care of maintaining the fortress, Lady Nagant restrained Tomura Shigaraki and helped Deku. This is how the protagonist of My Hero Academia was able to throw Shigaraki off the platform and keep him away from everyone. But not only the two villains made their presence felt: the Shiketsu boys came to the battlefield.

In Gunga finds a another important part of My Hero Academia 381 with a saga that has really got everyone involved by now. There are very few characters left out, and students from the competing school used to belong to this group. Yoarashi, Camie and Shishikura are on the front lines and have started fixing Twice and providing protection to the pro heroes, especially Hawks that would fall into the hands of All for One. The presence of these guys on the battlefield can be of great help both in slowing down the super villain who must reach Shigaraki at all costs Find Himiko Toga and stop the Sad Man Parade. Given the situation, the first part of the next chapter could focus entirely on these newly arrived boys, but also keep in mind the civilian situation, which as mentioned has not been evacuated and therefore other surprises could arise in favor of the villains .

My Hero Academia 381 is coming to Manga Plus on Sunday February 26th at 16:00.

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