With the clash between Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya temporarily put aside, theFinal Act of My Hero Academia changed the war scenario by bringing the readers close to the central hospital. There, an army of mutants led by Spinner tries to save Kurogiri.

With Spinner now a beast lacking the ability to think due to the two Quirks he received as a gift from All For One, the heroes' hope is entrusted to one of the Class 1-A mutant students. In My Hero Academia 371 began the battle of Mezo Shoji, which he suffered like Spinner and many others in his childhood Violence due to their physical diversity.

Tired of the treatment reserved for them by the society of heroes, ie Mutants seek revenge. However, this just cause has been rigged by All For One, who are exploiting this revolutionary bike for their own ends. With his story, Shoji is the only one who can wake up those around him from the blindness caused by the villains.

Shoji's words may have once touched Spinner's soul. Currently, however, the lizard he can no longer understand anything and the only concrete thought it can form is that of satisfying the will of its master.

When I think back on Shoji's story and see his friend who continues to fight despite his injuries and mutilations, Koda awakens his quirk. The horn on his head blooms like a flower, allowing the hero Anivoice to attract a huge flock of birds. Koda had never before been able to command such a large army of animals under his command, but deep respect for his classmate allowed him to gain an unexpected power-up. Here we explain exactly what awakening a quirk is in My Hero Academia.

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