After the author's death Kentaro MiuraBerserk is back with Chapter 370. The story of Gatsu continues thanks to Kouji Mori and Studio Gaga, to whom Miura revealed the events of the series until its conclusion.

Today we're going to examine one of Miura's best designed takes in berserksince the attention of many fans of the opera focuses on: What is Falconia and how was it born? It's one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet, which is why we're listing everything there is to know about the ancient Midlands capital here.

The city of Falconia is exhumed from Grifiswho manages to open a portal between the real and the fantastic world, summoning the ancient capital of the Emperor Gaisselick. Standing beneath the Tower of Rebirth, Falconia is quickly populated by people from all nations, refreshed by the crystals on the border that keep the legends' monsters away.

In Falconia Grifis he will then have an awkward encounter Rickert, who will slap him for showing little respect to the Hill of Swords. After that, Grifis learns that the city is right in the middle of the portal (Dragon's Lair) of the World Tree.

After these events, gods Giants They will try to invade Falconia but are defeated by Grifis who then allows the inhabitants of the lands occupied by the giants to return to live there. From here the first problems in the old capital will begin: crime will increase due to poorly paid work on the streets and many people will lack loyalty to the faith of the Church.

Like this, The Hawk will resolve to unite all the people of Falconia under a single empire, and the enterprise, with all but hesitation, will succeed phosnot familiar to the Grifis.

These are the events that marked the first period following the exhumation of Falconia by Grifis, but we'll let you discover the others in Berserk for yourself. On the other hand, if you've completed Miura's work (up to the last published chapter), read here if you like Berserk.

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