The battle between heroes and villains has reached an unsettling intensity in the final chapters of My hero academy. Still upset by the heated battle between Shigaraki and the Big 3, the protagonists witnessed a new clash, the most anticipated of the final act of the manga, in which the heroes' new trump card seems to have appeared.

Chapter 368 begins with a fairly direct question from Deku: "Is Shigaraki still there?the protagonist asks, turning to face the disturbing mass of hands and fingers in front of him. The boy is shown with a pained and frightened look, and he is Nana ShimuraVillain's grandmother to confirm to Midoriya the presence of Shigaraki underneath this layer of chaos, anger and destruction.

Determined to stop All For One from completely suppressing Shigaraki, Midoriya chooses to do so Use the quirk of the second owner of the One For All for the first time. In the tables listed in the post below, Deku uses transmission to change the opponent's speed and finish him off with a powerful one Detroit Smash which occupies the last page of the chapter.

The ability to change the enemy's speed gives the protagonists a clear advantage, however Shigaraki's body might find a way to adapt adapt to the new circumstances and once again defy the power of Deku. And what do you think of the Quirk Transmission reveal? Tell us in the comments. Finally, we leave you with the theories about Chapter 369 of My Hero Academia.

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