The all-for-one cliffhanger was completely brushed aside by Kohei Horikoshi, with the writer deciding to focus on an entirely different scenario. Indeed, while Deku is still far away My hero academy You fight on the flying battlefield specially prepared for Tomura Shigaraki.

Bakugo's arsenal improved, leading the young hero to a direct explosive attack. But like them My Hero Academia 359 spoilers, it's not going well. After a cover and a color page to celebrate the manga's eighth anniversary, we see some people shooting a documentary, shooting it all.

Then we return to the scene with the impact of the Howitzer Impact Cluster, which also extends beyond the barrier. Aizawa makes sure Monoma still has her eyes open. Bakugo managed not to do too much damage, but his mask was tornThe right eye was injured and the entire right side of the face was hit. The right arm also seems to be completely broken. Shigaraki didn't take too much damage. Jeanist and Mirko try to rush to the boy's aid, but fail as the villain prepares a shock wave with his arms.

The heroes are pushed away and Shigaraki starts walking toward Bakugo, because he thought the boy might be useful given his closeness to Midoriya. The right side of Shigaraki's face is completely burned. Aizawa asks Mandalay if he has any news from Deku, but there is no news. Outside the barrier, things don't seem to be going well. The scene then switches to Nejire and Tamaki saying they want a proper closing ceremony after winning the war. Before the end of the chapter of My Hero Academia, next to the two Mirio Togata appears from the ground underlining how they can protect everyone while Midoriya isn't around.

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