Testimony of what the author Keiji Nakazawa experienced during the American bombing of August 1945, General of Hiroshimarepresents one of the maximum attained manga of a historical nature. Despite this relevance, especially from a cultural point of view, the Japanese Education Board decided to censor some scenes.

According to a report by Yahoo Japan, the Hiroshima Board of Education refused to include the work of Nakazawa, who died in 2012, in his War and Peace curriculum, and some local citizens and teachers reportedly wholeheartedly agreed with the decision in how many episodes in the manga could have caused misunderstandings between children.

The scene that led to this decision was the one where the protagonist Gen and his friends steal a koi goat from a wealthy neighbor to feed themselves and give food to the woman who was taking care of them. For educators, such a scene could confuse younger children, and that was enough for the board to vote for one Remove the film from his resume.

Given the importance of the series, parents and citizens of Hiroshima have started a petition, which has already been collected 55,000 signaturesto avoid removing the film. No new information has surfaced in this regard at the time of writing, but we hope the situation is carefully reviewed, enthusiasts are listened to, and the true value of the work is understood.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. Staying on the subject of comics but going abroad, we leave you with the question of the Disney censorship of Don Rosa's Scrooge McDuck and we remind you that Gen of Hiroshima is one of the series that Shonen Jump readers go to brought tears.

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