In the first phase of the fight between Hawks, Endeavor and All For One, the focus was on strategies to face the villain. Now, after the antagonist's provocations and Number One's impulsive actions, the confrontation has escalated into sheer violence dictated by Endeavor's inner torments, the focus of Chapter 357 of My hero academy.

By Title"Wounded hero, the true flame blazesβ€œThe new appointment with Horikoshi's manga begins with All For One who, after having managed to protect himself from the heroes' attacks, thinks about the possibility of once again suffering a great humiliation, as happened against All Might is. Soon after, in an extraordinary board, Endeavor prepares to attack again, and as it heads towards the villain, Hawks wears his Vanishing Jet Burn.

The attack has fully invested the target, which is reached meters away from Endeavor. Furious, the Pro Hero ignites With every sentence the villain uttered, he burned his hand, which claimed so many victims. In response to yet another provocation, Enji reflects on how wrong he has been in his life and the importance of taking steps to ensure that the burden of those sins is not left to future generations.

Endeavor admits he continues to hate himself and takes advantage of the Prominence Burn to permanently kill All For One. At first the plan seems to have worked, but in a short sequence in which little Eri also appears, we witness an unsettling transformation of the villain. An eye and an ear appear on the completely charred face. The chapter ends with Midoriya approaching the battle zone, sensing a new threat.

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