After the compromising burns sustained in the fight with Dabi, it was speculated that Hawks would not be able to take part in My Hero Academia's final war. However, Number two is backto reverse the predictions to reform the legendary team with Endeavor and challenge All For One.

But how did Hawks get into this new war if his wings hadn't grown back a few days ago? To give us an explanation of what happened, the ianything for a villain.

Throughout the first few pages of Chapter 354, Endeavor and Hawks are supposed to attack All For One by aiming for its only weak point, the mask with life support functions. Although Number Two manages to hit the enemy with some of his feathers fueled by the flame hero's fire, All For One immediately realizes that this is the case They are not as fast and strong as they used to be.

The hawk's wings used to be majestic and powerful, but now they look like those of a sick bird. Apparently not even Recovery Girl managed to grow Hawk's wings back what she has had to resort to prostheses, similar to Mirko. This revelation also explains why Hawks seems to be struggling to keep up with the other two. Fortunately, when the situation escalates due to All For One's provocations, the two Top Heroes are saved by the entry of two young heroes into My Hero Academia 354.

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