Like many other DC Comics series green Lantern includes several changes resulting from the Infinite Frontier event. Among the many innovations, the style of the Corps of Yellow Lanterns costumes is also changing. Let's see it together.

Under the first pages of Green lantern # 1 We witness a calamity that hits the planet Oa and the return of several characters from Green Lantern, including John Stewart himself, who wants to fight a mysterious enemy. However, readers are soon brought back a few hours before the disaster that devastated the story.

Numerous characters from different groups had met to take part in the United Planets Conclave. The agenda was the decision to keep Oa in the Union and consequently the pros and cons of the matter were considered. The former Lanterna Vede was among the numerous participants Sinestro, Leader of the Corps of Yellow Lanterns, who shows himself with a new aspect in this new story.

As you can see in the cartoon table below on the news, the costume of the Yellow Lantern and her companions presents a new style this time around differs from that of their eternal rivals presents some features that are reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

What do you think of this new costume? Please let us know by leaving us a comment.

Finally, remember that a new ally of the Teen Lantern has emerged in Green Lantern.

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