Wano's third act ushered in the invasion of Onigashima. After an interlude dedicated to Oden Kozuki and his past, which is certainly not too short, the protagonists of ONE PIECE They eventually managed to land on the island and launch the invasion. It took more chapters before Luffy reached the top of the skull to face Kaido.

ONE PIECE Chapter 1000 was the beginning of this battle between captains of the new and old generation of the pirate world. In order to stay on top, only Luffy and Kaido remained, who tried to assert themselves against the opponent between two shots. Eventually, due to CP0's involvement, Luffy was able to awaken his Devil Fruit, powering himself up and cornering the Emperor.

But finally, how the fight between Luffy and Kaido ended? This was Onigashima's final battle and it ended in Luffy's victory. The Straw Hat Pirate launched a massive attack on the Emperor, which, as confirmed by ONE PIECE 1050, ended in a huge underwater volcano below Wano. He apparently passed out and indeed the narrative boxes confirmed this Luffy is the winner of the fightUpdating the previous state.

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