Kohei Horikoshi enters the new story arc of My hero academy which promises to be really full of twists and turns and even more dynamic than the previous saga. The situation appears extremely unstable for our aspiring heroes, who face the villain threat more than ever.

Chapter 328 of My Hero Academia was devoted to a look back at the moments of the Stein's escape from Tartarus where, in an attempt to understand the current situation, he obtains crucial information for the outcome of the war between heroes and criminals, all the details that he then passes on to All Might. In particular, one learns that at the time of the escape from the maximum security prison Shigaraki still needs 38 days to completely control the power of All For One inside.

All Might immediately recognizes the danger, since the heroes are not two months old as originally predicted, but only 3 days in the present. The heroes must now show solidarity and find a way to devise a solid plan against the advance of All For One and its adepts, both stronger than ever. In any case, the No. 1 in the USA comes to Japan, as well as the student of All Might, Star and stripesto turn the situation in their favor.

We just have to wait for the next chapters to find out what the plans of the heroes and villains will be in the battle that is about to come. And you, on the other hand, what do you think of the limited time the protagonists have to find effective countermeasures? Let us know with a comment below.

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