The world of My hero academia it suddenly changed and this caused the protagonist Izuku Midoriya to make unthinkable decisions until a few volumes ago. With the villains at large, the situation continues to escalate and any remaining heroes will have to work twice as hard to keep everything under control.

In the last few chapters of My Hero Academia, we took a look at how Japanese society has become. Fear and obsession with murdering and looting criminals escaped from various prisons in the country. Deku has already stopped his work against Muscular, but was successfully imprisoned.

Chapter 309 of My Hero Academia also showed us how Deku lives, in constant motion and with few contacts, and allowed himself few encounters with All Might from time to time. What will happen in My Hero Academia 310?? Kohei Horikoshi showed us the protagonist, but now he could change the scenario to bring us either to the other young Yuei heroes or to the villains.

And the latter could become upset at the power they acquire. The old Union of Villains may have bounced back and have big plans for the future, leading to the structuring of the next story arc. My Hero Academia 310 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday April 25th.

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