The latest chapter of My Hero Academia is available and it has revealed the reasons for Izuku Midoriya’s move. The protagonist’s new path is winding and challenging, but the main problem is what is at the end of its path an impossible choice that could change him forever.

In Chapter 304 of My Hero Academia, we saw the plea from the old owners of One for All who agreed They asked Deku to kill Shigarakito put an end to the villainous union and all once and for all. In the next chapter, Deku said he was against it and stated that he would continue to search for a way to “save his nemesis,” but the latest manga release has once again brought some doubts to the young hero.

Gran Torino, still trapped on a hospital bed after being stabbed by Shigaraki, apologizes to Izuku for “failing to kill the bad guy when he got the chance” He speaks to the boy to make it clear to him that it is not always possible to save everyone. “”Don’t be so inflexible“explains Gran Torino,”Killing can be a way to save someone, never forget that. Now you need to finalize the deal with the Villain Union“Deku watches his mentor in silence and refuses to answer.

The latest story arc from My Hero Academia made it clear that Deku is changing. The hero has more confidence in his own resources, has no problem with being open to an antagonist of the muscular caliber, and most importantly, he has shown that he can make his own decisions regardless of the wishes of All Might and his motherclearly concerned. Murder is a line that should not be crossed, but when a hero of the Gran Torino caliber claims “sometimes it is necessary to kill someone in order to save someone else” it can only be debated.

And what do you think about it Is Gran Torino Right Or Wrong? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget that the date for the next chapter is set on MangaPlus only on Sunday April 25th at 6:00 p.m.

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