The world of comics, despite some differences dictated by the type of public to which it relates, is part of a culture that links the eastern and western spheres. Kohei Horikoshi himself, the father of My hero academia, belongs to this splendid imaginary and his work falls under the typical canons of the so-called "comics".

The truth was finally revealed in Chapter 306 of My Hero Academia. Anything could is DekuUnable to hide their secret any further, they eventually spilled the beans as it is no longer necessary as society is on the verge of collapse. In fact, Former Hero # 1 Midoriya had ordered nothing to be said about One For All so that society could lull itself into the peace that was being built with so much effort by All Might and the heroes.

In a letter, Deku reveals his secret to his friends, the legacy that now rests on his shoulders The goal of All For One and Shigaraki. At the end of the chapter, the protagonist makes an extreme decision and leaves the UA and all relatives. The board with the Kohei Horikoshi presents us with this incredible moment pays homage to two of the most famous DC Comics heroes in the world, Superman is Batmanor, to be more precise, to the splendid cover sheets of Jim Lee in their respective numbers # 204 and # 608. It almost seems as if the Sensei wanted to announce to his readers the maturity of Deku and the birth of a new hero, a vigilante of the city.

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