Kohei Horikoshi also built something similar in his masterpiece to Impel Down, the maximum security prison of the world government in ONE PIECE. My hero academia. In the course of the last chapter, the sensei unleashed another narrative earthquake that will put the world of heroes under pressure again.

Without giving the hero time to lick his wounds after a battle that exposed all the loopholes in a collapsing society after All Might's retreat, Horikoshi dropped another bomb in the final chapter: the release of All For One by Tartarus, the maximum security prison for the most dangerous villains, 5 km from the coast and on the open sea.

Shigarakiwhose body is under the direct control of All For One, went to Tartarus with his Nomu almost immediately after the fight, causing a riot and destroying one of the apparently safest places in the opera. So we had the opportunity to check out old friends Overhaul to Muscularand probably already in chapter 298 of My Hero Academia we will know how many and which villains have fled Tartarus. With All For One's escape now appearing to be at large again, heroes' society must face yet another threat that now seems greater than ever.

Instead, what do you expect from the next few chapters? Tell us yours as usual with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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