The war between hero and villains in My Hero Academia is slowly coming to an end. Neither side seems to have the strength to continue the fight now, with the wounded and dead on either side.

In this regard, the rift created by Mr. Compress was a panacea for the bad guys. What effect will it have? The answer came with i very first spoilers of My Hero Academia 295accompanied by images that leave your mouth open for unexpected twists and turns.

Deku wakes up on the battlefield. The boy had passed out after the effects of Dabi's attack, but in reality his body had also responded to the awakening of a new quirk, the fourth owner's sixth sense, which was causing him problems, as was the case with the Black Whip. Meanwhile, Mirio tries to stop Mr. Compress and hits him while Shigaraki is still dazed. While the young hero is also trying to hit Crazy trying to wake Shigaraki comes to the latter.

The Nomu are quick to react to this awakening when a strange shock wave throws Mirio, Best Jeanist, Iida and Bakugo away. But in reality, it was not Shigaraki who woke up, but All for One, the crank calmed down and the operations for the escape began. Deku is not there and tries again to stop him with the Black Whip, but All for One throws him away and assures him that Shigaraki's body has recovered. The two will meet again.

My Hero Academia 295 will officially arrive on MangaPlus on Sunday December 20th.

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