My Hero Academia 285: The Day Bakugo Katsuki Became a Hero

Bakugo is loved or hated. At the moment, the character and main competitor of the protagonist of My Hero Academia doesn't offer much middle ground due to the explosive character that Kohei Horikoshi has always taken to extremes so far. But something seems to have changed in the last few chapters.

Recently, the chapters of My Hero Academia have shown a more mature and conscious Bakugo of his role, leading him to undertake a transformation similar to that of Endeavor. Thanks to everything will get a new facet Chapter 285 of My Hero Academia.

Deku is still in the air facing Shigaraki, knowing he'll have very few hits before the power of One for All destroys his arms. Using the swimmer, black whip and legs, he keeps the enemy in the air by delivering powerful blows that overcome the super villain's regeneration quirk.

Bakugo watches his friend-rival from the ground while Todoroki Endeavor's body cools off. The boy decides to intervene by taking his number one classmate and hero with him so that he can carry out his most powerful attack. In coordination with Dekus Black Whip, Endeavor clings to Shigaraki and starts another Prominence Burn that seems to burn the villain.

It seems a bit unleashed, however, when All for One takes possession of the young man's body, knocks Endeavor away from him, and tries to toss his black shoelaces, which were used to absorb the quirks, towards Deku. However, Bakugo was still nearby and moving automatically: taking advantage of the explosions, pushes Deku away and takes the full blow from All for One.

My Hero Academia 285 shows us the title "Katsuki Bakugo: Rising" at this point.. This is the time when Bakugo understood the true nature of a hero?

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