We have now been in the middle of a My Hero Academia saga for 30 chapters in which Horikoshi has confronted heroes and villains. Hence, the clash with the Union of Villain and its leader Tomura Shigaraki, who has reached new heights of power. It's not going well for the protagonists, but everything will change.

My Hero Academia 283's initial spoilers had shocked fans who will be even more shocked when they actually read the chapter. Yaoyorozu and the others witness the wave of destruction generated by Gigantomachy. The group of students was saved thanks to the intervention of the hero Majestic, who probably died shortly afterwards from the gigantic monster.

As the destructive madness progresses, the Dr. Garaki is happy about what is happening and for the approaching end of a hero-saturated society. Shigaraki is ready to deal the final blow to the protagonists of My Hero Academia when his body gives way and breaks. The villain does not realize that his body has reached its limits and that the evolutionary process is not yet complete.

While Aizawa is still on the ground, Deku senses that the time has come. While Shigaraki regenerates from sudden injuries and activates his decay characteristic, the young hero jumps into the air and wraps everyone present with the black whip, making them fly. Simultaneously Deku gets float, the quirk of Nana Shimura.

Deku is ready to defeat Shigaraki, this time in a 1-1 fight. Protagonist and antagonist compared, how will this battle of My Hero Academia develop? The manga will pause next week.

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